Principles & Priorities

Core Principles

Sovereign equality and respect for international law:

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines believes that all states are equal under international law despite asymmetries of inequality in areas such as military power, geographical and population size, levels of industrialisation and economic development.

Non-interference & Non-intervention:

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines upholds the principles of non-interference and non-intervention in the domestic affairs of states except in cases of war crimes such as genocide.
As a small, peace-loving nation with open borders and no standing army, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines owes its continued peaceful existence as an independent and sovereign nation to the robust and universally-accepted body of international law.

Collective cooperation in solving global problems/ Bridge Building: With no geopolitical axes to grind, we are well-placed to be mediators and bridge-builders. We were selected as one of six (6) countries, and the only CARICOM state among the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, to facilitate the Dominican Republic-led peace process between the Venezuela government and its opposition. Today, we continue in this role with CARICOM, Mexico and Uruguay through the Montevideo Mechanism.

We believe in strengthening multilateralism for the reason that “When nations work together, hope prevails and collective solutions can be found” – UN SG Antonio Guterres (Paris Peace Forum 2018). Dialogue based on mutual respect and adherence to international law is the only path to peace and progress, however difficult that path may be.

Island Exceptionalism (Responsibility as a SIDS to bring that perspective to the Security Council):

Our perspective, like other SIDS, is shaped by our ‘islandness’. Our leaders have put forward the concept of ‘small state exceptionalism’. Although small as a nation state we too should have a place on the global stage and to influence decisions at that level. Being small in size does not impede impactful contributions.

Top Priorities:

Focus on Africa:

The bonds between Africa and its Caribbean and Latin American Diaspora must be strengthened. The Caribbean can be described as the sixth (6th) region of Africa, as history will show that Caribbean countries are largely of African descent.
Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Ralph Gonsalves recently visited Addis Ababa where he reiterated our commitment to African issues on the agenda, from Silencing the Guns in Africa to country-specific issues, we look to the common African positions for guidance. Our posture will be one of principled solidarity with Africa. In this vein, we intend to collaborate closely with the A3 (3 African non-permanent members) while we are on the Council.

Climate Change (Responsibility as a SIDS to bring that perspective to the Security Council):

The climate threat is unprecedented, urgent and unique. As a small island developing state, we know first-hand the effects of climate change and natural disasters. Its effects make it an existential matter of the highest order; it goes to the very existence of our country. On the Council, we will be a voice for SIDS on the issue of climate and security. We reaffirm that the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is the primary body addressing climate change, while at the same time, recognizing that we need a multipronged approach to fighting it. The two ideas are not mutually exclusive.